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Window posters for rent (1 pieces)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Bricknet operates efficiently and serves the entire country from just one head office, which handles all inquiries. We avoid the hefty brokerage fees and we are an independent website. We are not affiliated with any trade association, so we can decide for ourselves how we work. Because at Bricknet you can do as much as possible yourself and work from home, you don’t have to take into account a broker who comes to visit you! So – no commission, low overheads and the service quality of selling your home is up to you!

  • Bricknet is a self-functioning platform 
  • our chat box is always active 24/7 for questions 
  • No hidden costs or commission 
  • You have your own internal chat and agenda management in your dashboard panel
  • You can use our public auction 
  • Our packages are cheaper 
  • You can put together your own package 
  • You can already sell your home for free
  • We offer extra services, such as upgrading your interior and tailor-made renovation work, etc.

We rely on a happy customer to help grow the business and sell your home. With offers of over 10,000 properties through word of mouth only, and campaigns on the internet, social media and great customer service plus a fair price, which we try to maintain. We do not exist with dissatisfied customers. Just our motto!

No. Bricknet is an online housing platform. But we serve most of the postcodes in the Netherlands, the broker of your own home is yourself!

With the Free package we want to offer you the opportunity to try to sell your home yourself, your offer will only be shown on Bricknet. You can also use the public auction, and you have your own agenda management and internal chat.


With the Star t package you get more functions, so your home is not only shown on Bricknet but also on funda. You will also receive a sales poster for your window and you can have professional photos and videos taken.


With the Premium package you are actually completely complete, we are convinced that you will then have all the functions you need to successfully sell your home. 


Our last option is to put together your package yourself, here you get the freedom to do customization yourself. You are not stuck with products that you may not need and you can add some products that you do not get in the Start and Premium package.   

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